Monday, February 15, 2016


Travel bugs crawl down my arms
Setting hands in motion
Possessed, they turn endless pages of travel guides
Fevered fingers touching picture after picture

Of Iceland

That majestic piece of land floating so tranquilly in the Atlantic
Hovering just south of the Arctic Circle
Where you can picture the enduring glow of the midnight sun
Pulsing through summer nights

That piece of Europe that occasionally EXPLODES
With volcanic passion
Shooting ash into the air, blotting out the night sun
Confounding planes in Spain

Next door to a towering aqua glacier
A rolling meadow dotted with wildflowers
Over here, a thundering waterfall pounding the black rock below
Above it, an Arctic fox lapping water from a glacial river

A hike through terrain covered in sound-dampening fog
Ends at a cliff teeming and screaming with shorebirds
Nesting on this northern edge of the world

Steam hisses out of hot springs
Mingled with the laughs of tourists delighting in nature's spa
All asking the same incredulous question, though their wallets are empty:
How did we miss this one?

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